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  • "We use WebPublished's Dbook solutions to provide an electronic catalog service for overseas customers. We selected this solution because it has faster browsing speed and superior image handling..."
  • "We are the leading textbook publisher in Korea...Dbook's search functionality, superior image handling technology, and XML based web 2.0 interface made digitizing our publications with a very easy and simple process..."
  • "We are using the Dbook digital publishing solution to create all of our 100 years magazines was a historical mark in our history... Over 2,000 magazines have archived and digitally converted to digital editions... It's a miracle."
  • "Your digital publishing solution allows us to digitally archive the 80 years historical information and provides to everyone. It is wonderful advantage of the Internet. It is amazing!"
  • "With Dbook's superior image handling technology, we can provide site visitors the previews on the directory image information which made by many different file formats without installing any application program at the visitor's computer..."
  • "I am impressed with the rapid implementation of rich media effects. The faster accessibility with high-resolution image handling technology made Dbook an ideal solution to publish our daily newspaper!"
  • "The more we use this solution, the more we realize how much we can save on online course authoring expenses. After two years since we have adapted to this solution, we save about $2 million every year on online course development and distribution."
  • "Dbook! It has superior image handling technology and also has faster browsing speed. It brought us a great results. We are certainly extremely happy with your program and price."
  • "We use WebPublished's Dbook rich media solutions to provide an electronic catalog service for our customers. We selected this solution because it has superior rich media technology with faster browsing speed and superior image handling..."
  • Inlee,
  • Brown B,
  • Young P,
  • Michelle Wyman,
    Business Development Analyst,
    K Daily Newspaper
  • Tanaka,
    SA publishing co.
  • Hirahide,
  • Samuel Hennes,


Few of our satisfied customers.

Kia Motors is South Korea's second largest automobile manufacturer. It sold over 1,650,920 cars in 2009. With its headquarters in Seoul, it is owned by the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Its CEO is Chung Eui-sun. The American arm is Kia Motors America.

For nearly 50 years, Panasonic has delighted American consumers with innovations for the home and business. Panasonic's consumer electronics.

Umeken had its humble beginning as a small pharmaceutical company in 1947. Throughout the years, the company researched, developed and manufactured over 150 health supplements. In 1978, the company officially adopted the name "Umeken" and continue to expand globally and strive for excellence.

The Orange County Register is a daily newspaper published in California. The Register, published in Santa Ana, is the flagship of Freedom Communications, Inc.

Gakken Co., Ltd. is a Japanese publishing company founded in 1947, which also produces educational toys. Their annual sales is reported at $6.5 billion US. Gakken is perhaps originally known for producing Denshi blocks and packaging them within electronic toy kits such as the Gakken EX-System.

Freedom Communications, Inc., is a media conglomerate that operates daily and weekly newspapers, websites and mobile applications, as well as Coast Magazine and other specialty publications.

International Korean Educators Network is founded on establishing a systematic support network of educating our future generation of Korean heritage students by strengthening their identity as Koreans through Korean language and cultural education as productive, global citizens of the future.