A digital content conversion service company.

Monetize your digital content with a click of a mouse.

Our software "dBOOK" as a solution enables publishers, corporations, schools and any content owners to expand awareness of their digital content on the Internet, increase ROI (Return On Invested Capital), and reduce time-to-market. Since everything is hosted on our servers you don't need infrastructure or techinical know-how to run, setup, and maintain digital publishing services.

Webpublished.com provides digital conversion and authoring services that enable your plain content into rich media content with embedded hyperlinks, audio recordings, videos and illustrations on it. There is a high demand for rich media content in magazine publications, technical documentation, training materials, and digital textbook that can improve reader engagement.

dBOOK Publication - Expand your online reach!

Extend your reach, expand your audience with the rich media digital conversion. Transform your publication into an exciting interactive content across a range of devices (Desktop computer, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV). dBOOK Publication is 'We do everything for you' service. Simply send us your pdf and we will send you the link of digitally converted publication.

dBOOK Authoring + LMS (Learning Management System)

With dBOOK authoring service, you can have powerful and intuitive online courseware capable of meeting any e-learning requirement. We can create media-rich training system for small group and institution that enables to provide an alternative e-learning option for their existing learning infrastructure.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a set of rules for encoding documents electronically. With XML automation we convert your PDF content into a standardized XML format, where it can be used over the internet.

XML Schema

XML architecture maps out your document content, style, video, images, animations, and hyperlinks, and preserves it in XML format. Because of the rich format schema, it retains the original document feel but with interactive content. This provides flexible, interactive, customizable functionality, and searchable content, which gives the users an experience not provided by PDF file types. Because of XML's standardized nature, content is viewable on all standard browsers.


dBOOK Digital Publishing Service

Bringing life to your content.

'Page-turning' animation and sound is only the beginning. dBook is a web-based enterprise digital publishing and authoring solution that's easy to use, quick, and inexpensive. Generated digital content are fully interactive, ready-to-play, 'true-look' presentations of your original print with embeddable media and searchable text.

  • Search Functionality
    Detailed search function, give your readers ability to search through your content as a PDF.
  • Instant Flash Animations
    Flash animations can be added in minutes, using our content manager, with the visual editor and tools, you can add blinking, waving animations.
  • 26 Slide Animations
    There 26 different slide animations for slide shows, ranges from Fly, zoom, fade in, and so much more.
  • 2x to 3x Zoom
    Remarkable 2x to 3x zoom with extremely high resolution without sacrifice to speed. No more low resolution zoom where its unreadable.
  • Multi-lingual Support
    dBOOK supports multiple languages, so any PDF document can contain languages other than english and still be fully functioning.
  • Relocatable Media Player
    Media player can be moved simply by dragging and dropping to any position in the page.
  • Highlighting Pen Tool
    Highlight content that is important for readers, write comments, or underline words.
  • Auto Play
    Allows content to be played on autoplay, beneficial for adverising or slide presentations.
  • Add Audio, Video, Flash
    You can add audio files, video files, or even flash swf files to your rich media content. You an also convert other video files to swf.
  • Embed HTML, Download
    You can embed your content into your webpages. You can also allow downloading of your content.
  • Page Flipping
    Interactive, page flipping viewer. Gives the feeling of page turning of a physical media.
  • Image and Text Clipping
    Supports image clipping, where images can be cut out of the content and stored. Also supports text clipping where text can be cut and stored.
  • Bookmark, Share, Email
    You can bookmark, share on social networks, or email out your content.

Solution Overview

Content Manager

Manage and Maximize

Our CMS manages and maximize your content's exposure

dBook's CMS gives you full control over your publication without the technical know-how. We provide friendly authoring tools to add audio, video, flash, and hotspot links. dBook allows customized viewer templates, and allows you to upload your own personal logo to customize your content. Search engine optimization is automatically built into dBOOk so your publications gets the deserved exposure. dBook also provides CRM to get important data on readers. Since everything is hosted and maintained on our servers, you don't have to worry about setup and maintenance.

dBOOK was designed for content publishers. We understand that not all published content is the same, our tools are flexible with many diverse functions to fit the publishing job needs. You can add funtions for your readers or remove them, for example add text clipping and image clipping or removed them if you want to protect your content.

Authoring Tools

Our tools are user friendly. You can add video, audio, and flash animations without any technical or programming skills. We also allow flexible content editing, if there are several publishers editing a single content, dBOOK allows other publishers to edit it without any software installations, all you need is internet acceess; just open the dBOOK and edit.


dBOOK allows you to customize the viewer. You can upload your own logo, change the background colors, or just use one of our sleek viewer templates. We also provide special customization services; if you want your own templated design that is unique, that none else has, our development team can help you.

Search Engine Optimization is improving the volume of quality and traffic to your content. Using XML automation we convert your content to an XML format which represents your content on the web. It stores all your content, styles, images, audio, and video, so search engines can access your content and be displayed when searched for.

How does SEO help you?

Eye tracking studies have shown that searchers scan a search results page from top to bottom and left to right (for left to right languages), looking for a relevant result. Placement at or near the top of the rankings therefore increases the number of searchers who will visit a site, or this case your dBOOK. Allowing maximized exposure to potential readers.

Customer Relationship Management helps understand your readers activities on your dBOOK. Our CRM generate analytics about your readers, where they clicked on, what pages they viewed, what hotspot links they clicked on, what time they viewed, how many times did they view it etc..

How does CRM help you?

Using CRM and the generated reports, helps you understanding and optimizing web usage for your readers. You can better understand who your readers are, in which help in marketing your advertisers and improve meeting your readers needs.