1. What is a dBook?

dBook is an active flipping digital book that was published from your uploaded PDF file and it can be viewed from any browsers.

2. Is there any guideline for PDF file?

The best and easiest way to create a dBook is to feed a single PDF containing all your pages. The system works with most PDF settings. Here are some guideines:
a. Create one pdf file with pages sorted ascending.
b. All pages must have the same dimensions.
c. All fonts must be fully embedded in the PDF file.
d. The resolution should be 100-300 DPI.
e. One page in the pdf must be equialvent to one printed page.

3. Why you charge so cheap?

We have been providing digital publishing services for long time and market demands are growing so fast. We decided to support content owners who really expand its value through the Internet at a fractional cost of digital publishing. Let's go with DIGITAL.

4. What kind of features in your published dBook?

You can do Search, Zoom Magnifier, Table of Content, Hyperlinks, Background Sound, Bookmarks, Memo, and Print.

5. What additional features are available with each dBook?

Yes. We have an optional plan for advanced users who want to have a statistics report on the dBook.

6. Do I have to host my publish dBook on my own server?

No. A dBook is a full-featured hosted service and the reason we host your digital publications for you is to provide you with up-to-date technology enhancements.
Your free hosted service is for 1 year. If you extend your dBook to be viewed, you can stay with us. We only charge a minimal hosting fee based on your monthly page views.

7. How can I pay the service fee?

It will be charged to your credit card automatically based on your payment cycle.

8. Can I browse the converted digital content on a Tablet?

Yes. You can view the content on any devices such as Desktop compuer, Tablet, Smart Phone, Smart TV, etc.

9. What makes you different than other digital publishing companies?

Our solution is not just flipping conversion software. Our service provides not only for publishing digital publications but also publishing e-learning coursewares. With LMS service, you can provide e-learning delivery.

10. Can I provide my published dBook on my website?

Yes. You can place the link which the dBook link we provide.

11. Can I send the link of dBook via my email?

Yes. You can send the link to anywhere you want.

12. What kind of customer service do you provide?

We provide only e-mail support at this time. We will return your inquiry within 24 hours.

13. Which Internet Browsers dBook can run on?

Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

14. Are any special programs needed to run dBook software?


15. How dBook can published and distributed?

dBook can be published on the Internet, or distributed on CDs, DVDs or any other media.

16. Can dBook run on a MAC?


17. Are there any limitations to the size of the PDF?

dBook can handle any size of PDF files.

18. Which formats of videos and audio can be imported into dBook?

dBook can convert: FLV, SWF, WMV, ASX, MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA